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Birmingham Rolls Royce hire covers the entire West Midlands area and to help make your special day truly amazing we have listed some hints and tips which you may find helpful.

So… how many Guides and tips can there really be to getting your wedding car hire right ? to be honest not that many really, however as you know Melissa and myself not only care about your wedding car hire we also care about your whole day, so we will offer you some hints and tips that will hopefully make your day run a little bit smoother and give you ideas that you may not have thought of.

But first… let’s get on to the wedding car rental hints and tips.

Tip 1:
When shopping around you will need to check how long you have the wedding car for, as some companies will try and book two weddings in one day meaning they may have to rush your wedding or worse if the one before runs over or they hit traffic the wedding car you have hired may be late to pick you up. On a light-hearted note, I know its tradition for the bride to arrive late but I think that the decision to arrive late should be left to the bride not the wedding car hire company. If you are looking for Birmingham Rolls Royce hire contact our team at Special Wedding Cars on 01902 212685.

Tip 2:
We have also worked with some of the best wedding photographs in the UK costing upwards of £5000 for the photographer alone and we have picked up some useful ideas from their experience on how to get the perfect pictures with your chosen wedding car.

Tip 3:
A silver wedding car will show off your white wedding dress and create a better picture than a white wedding car, now its personal chose, so at Birmingham Rolls Royce hire, we have both classic white Rolls Royce wedding cars however, we also have silver vehicles as not only will some people say silver looks more elegant but we appreciate that the car may make your day, but the amazing photos are for life.

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Tip 4:
Another photographer tip — what shots are they planning to take with the car? a few carefully planned shots will create much more powerful images than ones taken on the spur of the moment make the most of your chosen wedding car if it’s a Rolls Royce wedding car make the most of the grill and the flying lady if it’s a convertible you will have shots available that are not available with a hard top

Tip 5:
Another tip, a classic Rolls Royce, and a classic elegant Rolls Royce cannot only create timeless elegant images but also give you more photo opportunities you can usually arrange two classics for the same price. One new Rolls Royce which not only gives you an impact on the arrival of two cars, which means you can arrive in your chosen wedding car with your bridesmaids but also you don’t have to worry about the weather. If it’s a sunny day arrive within the convertible with the roof down – if not arrive in the hard top and let your bridesmaid arrive in the convertible with the roof up. (a convertible with the roof up never photos as well as a convertible with the roof down).

If you have two wedding cars the two rolls Royce wedding cars parked at an angle with the grill pointing towards each other will give you an image that only a handful of other brides will have

Tip 6 :
Check the dress code of the drivers

Tip 7:
Have they put a mileage limited or time limit on the car? if there is mileage limit then you need to know, I had a friend who used a Staffordshire wedding car hire company who tried to charge her nearly 50% of what she had already paid as she ran over the time she had booked the car for and she didn’t even know there was a limit, On a light-hearted note … there are not many pockets in your wedding dress to keep cash and you don’t want to be panicking and opening wedding cards looking for cash to pay the driver of your wedding car

Tip 8:
If it’s a classic car check the paintwork on the car before the wedding day, it might look good on picture on the website but on your day you want the paint work to be like new even if it’s a classic car and believe me not all wedding car hire companies in the West Midlands keep their cars in show condition

Tip 9:
Get the personal mobile number of the person who will be driving your wedding car. If you need to change any details on the day their office may be closed.

Tip 10:
How will your guest be getting from the church to the reception? our bus not only gives amazing photo opportunities but it also solves this issue and it also looks after your guests (and it’s not that expensive) depending on your destination when your looking for Wedding car hire west midlands you will find booking a wedding car hire Company based within the West Midlands will reduce cost as they are not traveling into the area before they even start the journey

Tip 11:
How will your Bridesmaids get to the church with you? — does the company offer any discount for a second car?

Tip 12:
Finally girls… obviously the day is all about us! —- so, how will your future husband the man you love arrive? You may want to at least think about getting him to the church in style

If you register with us at Birmingham Rolls Royce hire — we can also send you some fantastic hint and tips on general wedding ideas because we want to help make your wedding day be as special as it can be.

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