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Classic Rolls Royce wedding cars to hire

Our venture to launch with classic Rolls Royce wedding cars to hire was a huge step and an even bigger financial commitment for us. Neither of us are real petrol heads, that said we do have a love of cars and having reflected we both believe that our own wedding days triggered the desire to invest in wedding car hire and in particular classic Rolls Royce wedding cars to hire.

We are often asked the question, why the mix of cars? Well, when we started we had only really given thought to have classic Rolls Royce wedding cars to hire but Melissa held a fondness for the more unusual vehicles to include a London Red Bus and the iconic Volkswagen Beetle convertible, both of which she had on her wedding day.

I (Heidi) on the other hand can only see the iconic Rolls Royce sprite of ecstasy, often referred to as the ‘flying lady’, as the truest symbol of a wedding car. That said Melissa and myself both recognise that your choice of wedding car is a personal choice and most often is a reflection of a bride’s personality.

Our Rolls Royce vehicles are all stunning and impeccably maintained and most certainly are a credit to Rolls Royce and British engineering, true iconic vehicles and they always enhance a bride’s special day.

Our more unusual vehicles are also very popular particularly our London black cab which retired from the streets of London some years ago. It’s a black fairway with what some people call suicide doors on the rear and polished chrome bumpers.

We are also asked, do we enjoy what we do and the answer is, of course, an overwhelming yes. The logistics of organising our vehicles on the day is much harder than we had anticipated and the bringing together of the final arrangements on the day is always a time when we hold our breath … we just want the special day to be awesomely great.

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