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Unusual Wedding Cars To Hire

Unusual wedding cars to hire or maybe something just very quirky? I completely accept that these vehicles may not be everyone’s cup of tea …but for me (Melissa) they are nothing short of being awesomely amazing!

I firmly believe that our personalities are in our choices, there is a little bit of us (indeed me) in the cars we choose for our wedding car hire and when looking for unusual wedding cars to hire it’s because we want something different on our big day … and why not!

Sometimes our choices cannot be explained but that doesn’t matter. what matter is what we want. We may have seen the vehicle in a film or it may be its part of our memories as we were growing up – it doesn’t matter, what’s important is that it’s captured us and we want an unusual wedding car at our big day … why not!

On a personal note, I can share that I searched for a Pink Volkswagen Beatle for hire. My Dad volunteered (that’s not strictly true) I dragged my Dad to see the Pink Volkswagen Beatle for hire and I can’t even tell you why I wanted it as they had stopped building the Volkswagen Beatle wedding car long before I was even born. I also wanted a London Red Bus which was also amazing, I had no problem convincing dad that the London Routemaster Bus for hire was a great idea but getting him into a pink Volkswagen Beetle was more of a challenge.

We also have of course the world famous London taxi cabs. Our London Black Fairway taxi cab wedding car with chrome bumpers and it still has the symbolic taxi hire light on the roof.

If you are looking for some innovative or quirky bridal ideas then why not take a look at the UK Bridal Directory for some get ideas.

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