“I cant believe i managed to get a Rolls Royce!!!! i never though i would get a Rolls Royce on our budget, i though i would have had to have one of these kits cars or a Mercedes or something. So thanks Heidi, i had the dream wedding car! I can say i had a Rolls Royce on my wedding day. Also say thanks to the driver he was brilliant really polite and friendly and pacient when we were having photos done.”

“Im sure i will be writing you another review after we have had the wedding day but just wanted to say thanks for opening up the unites for us twice. One so we could come and see the cars for the first time which by the way I’m glad we did as the first company when we looked at the cars in person looked a bit ruff, not like on there website. Your cars are like off a show stand! They are brilliant and thanks again for letting us come down and get photos for our wedding invites.”

“So exited…. I’ve booked a Lamborghini Huracan for my fiancé he’s going to be so shocked. When i came down to the unite to meet you i was only looking to book the two Rolls Royces for me and my bridesmaids but when i saw the Lamborghini I thought I’ve got to book that for Paul. Also thanks for the deal you did for us booking 3 cars it was cheaper than we could get two cars off some companies.”

“Ive got to be honest i don’t really know much about cars and i was going to book a beauford wedding car as it was £50 cheaper than your cars but when i told my husband he’s exact words were “a what? that’s not even a real car is it ?” He said “if I’m paying for a wedding car I’m going in a Rolls Royce i want to travel like royalty not Micky Mouse ” so thank you for providing me with a Rolls Royce”

“What a brilliant idea to have two different style wedding cars! We can have crazy modern photos with the modern car and your classic wedding shots with the old fashioned Rolls Royce car”

“I never would have though about booking a London taxi. It never even crossed my mind but i thought well i do need to get my bridesmaid to the church and then to the reception and it only cost me an extra £235 and the pictures we got with the cab are amazing and something we couldn’t have got if we only had the tradition wedding car”