Wedding car hire prices

Wedding car hire prices

Staffordshire and West Midlands wedding car hire prices vary and the choose of the wedding vehicle can make a huge difference. Wedding car hire prices vary not only depending on what car you choose but also in relation to how far your wedding is from the venue.

We all want nice things, but as I know from planning my own wedding, we all need to stick to a budget so knowing ‘how much does a wedding car hire cost’ is important as it needs to be budgeted into the day. It is for this reason we have created a quick and easy to use online wedding calculator which will give you the price of your chosen wedding car depending on the distance.

We have all seen those offers that are too good to be true, so be careful of anyone who offers fixed prices; how can the price be the same for a car to take you 2 miles to the church as one that needs to take you 100 miles to a church and yes we have taken somebody over 100 miles, which is more fuel and also more time as we have to pay the driver as he has to drive all the way there and back. It might only sound like a small amount but we want to keep the cost of your wedding car as competitive as possible.

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Wedding car hire prices

Wedding car hire prices birmingham

Wedding car hire prices staffordshire

Cheap wedding car hire prices, be careful, whilst we aim to keep our West Midlands wedding car hire prices as affordable as possible, as you know we also care about your special day. What some Staffordshire wedding car hire companies have been known to do is offer a really cheap price but only give you a window of time, for example, say 2 hours.

This clearly is not a long time to wait for you at your house, take you to the church, wait during the wedding ceremony then sit with the wedding car whilst you have pictures outside of the church with your friends and family and at this point you still haven’t had the amazing photos with the wedding car and they’re telling you they have to drive you to the reception.

What this means is they offer you a low price but place you in a position which incurs extra costs on the day. Make sure when booking that your booking is the only one for that car on that day.

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